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BVRC is creating extensive physical and digital libraries as essential resource base for facilitating research of scholars. BVRC library at the Govardhan Ecovillage hosts more than 1000 books. The Bhaktivedanta Research Center (BRC) at Kolkata is BVRC’s sister concern and houses 3000 books and manuscripts on Vaishnavism and more than 17 000 books and journals in the field of philosophy, history, culture and religion in India. It has comprehensive collections of Vedanta literature and Indian Philosophies, Bhagavad Gita commentaries, Indological books. BRC Kolkata also runs a manuscript mission which has searched and scanned about 1200 important Vaishnava manuscripts that help to better research the development of Vaishnavism in India.

Collaborations & Tie-ups

BVRC is well networked with scholars, academic departments and universities internationally. BVRC is working closely with prestigious universities and colleges for developing exchange programs in several areas like research, curriculum development, student exchange program, visiting faculty program. We are already in conversation with the following prestigious colleges/ universities:

  1. Oxford Center for Hindu Studies, UK
  2. Maharshi University of Management (MUM), Iowa
  3. Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University
  4. Graduate Theological Union (GTU), Berkeley
  5. Centro Studio Bhaktivedanta, Italy, Certified by the Italian Educational Board
  6. Bhaktivedanta College, Belgium, Affiliated to University of Chester, UK

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