1st September Inauguration


BVRC has organized and participated in several national and international conferences, noteworthy amongst which are:

  • Nexus Conference for Environmental Sustainability
    • Dec 2015, At Govardhan Ecovillage and Jan 2017, At Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Relevance, Role and Resurgence of Vaishnavism in 21st Century
    • Sept 2017, AtKalina campus of Mumbai University,With Mumbai University and Oswal College
  • Hinduism and Ecology
    • Dec 2017, At Govardhan Ecovillage, With Yale University
  • Vaishnavism: Theory and Practice
    • Dec 2017, At Jadavpur University, With Jadavpur University
  • Vaishnava Philosophy and Ecology
    • Jan 2018, At Ramnarain Ruia College, With Ramnarain Ruia College
  • Various Dimensions of Vaishnava Puranas
    • Jan 2018, AtKalina campus of Mumbai University,With Department of Sanskrit, Mumbai University
  • Chaitanya Vaishnavism
    • Feb 2018, At Calcutta University, With Calcutta University
  • Sustainability from the Inside Out
    • June 2018, At The Bhakti Centre, New York, With Sacred Ecology Forum
  • The context of Vaishnavism
    • July 2018, At Belurmath, With Ramakrishna ShikshanVidyamandir, Belurmath, Kolkata

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